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Most computers, especially ones that use Windows system are at greater risk of getting computer viruses. While some can be annoying, others will cause major damage to your computer, and can even corrupt data. In order to protect your computer against this, there are some basic steps you can take. This is, unfortunately, a full-time job, as your computer will never be truly safe unless you actually disconnect it from the Internet and never use disks or software.

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Keeping an eye on the health of your system and software is a good way to protect your computer against viruses. Should you have a Windows system, make sure you keep up with any updates and patches so viruses cannot gain access to your system. Use patches for browsers too, especially when you use Internet Explorer a lot or consider using a browser which is not as vulnerable. If your computer begins to run sluggishly or behave in an odd manner, you could have a computer virus, and need to take steps to remove it.

Anti-virus software can greatly help protect your computer too, by having a database of viruses and removing threats from your system, in addition to regular system scans, an anti-virus software will work only when you keep it running and update it on a regular basis. Most software will tell you when updates are needed. Should you not be able to afford an anti-virus product, speak to your local computer repair service shop for any anti-virus freeware from reputable sources.

You can protect your computer against viruses when you use a secure Internet connection and a firewall. Firewalls can be simple to install, and most computers come with a setting that will allow you to turn the firewall on and off, and should you use a wireless router, this too will have a firewall. When you use a college or corporate network, the administrators should take steps to protect their system against virus attacks.

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